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Leather Belts

Handmade Luxury Italian Bridle Belts

Luxury Italian Bridle Belts Inspired by Regions in on The Isle of Skye.

Rugged hard wearing belts in beautiful bridle leather, plain or embossed with brass or steel roller buckle. They come in black and reddish brown inspired by the Black and Red Cuillin Mountains in Skye. We are very proud of these belts and what they represent to us and also what they offer our customers in durability and style.

We pride ourselves on producing the same high quality belts time after time that will last year after year. 

By always using the highest quality bridle and veg tan leather from the UK and Italy we can guarantee the end product our customers receive will go beyond their expectations.

Cuillin Range

Celtic Connection

A beautiful range of  belts with Celtic designed pewter buckles and keepers.

The Dunvegan

'The Dunvegan' Belt is a 38mm wide and 3.5mm thick Italian Bridle Belt, hand stitched with a single line design at edge and two keepers.  This is a belt that gives you the strength and durability coupled with a classy look. 

The Elgol

'The Elgol' has a double lined design to the edge making the belt stand out. Its hand cut from from 3.5mm full Grain Italian butts.  The nickel plated solid Brass Buckle is hand stitched on with a strong Nylon thread and the sliding keeper allows you to adjust to fit.

The Armadale

A simple but elegant belt with an eye catching circular solid Brass Buckle hand stitched onto 3.5mm thick Italian Bridle Leather.  At 32mm wide it fits almost all trousers and jeans but equally can set off a dress outfit.

The Struan

The narrowest of this belt range 'The Struan' is 28mm and sits well on dress trousers or jeans for ladies or Gents.

It has a double lined design to the edge and a frame solid Brass Buckle, hand stitched on with thick nylon thread.

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