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Sheepskin & Reindeer Rugs

Our real sheepskin and reindeer hides are hand-prepared using traditional methods. When you buy a hide from Isle of Skye Leather, you are investing in a unique centerpiece for your home. These beautiful hides can be draped over a sofa or armchair for a touch of luxury and warmth, or as a bedspread. Sheepskin rugs and large reindeer hides have been used for hundreds of years to provide warmth during cold seasons – In recent years, they have been re-imagined, adding a touch of tradition to modern décor.

Reindeer Hides

Highly versatile, our unique large reindeer hides can be used as a rug or a throw on a chair. No two reindeer skins are the same – each one has its own shape and pattern of markings, ranging from dark brown to creams and greys. Reindeer fur is prized across the world for its depth and softness of fur. We ship our hides directly from Lapland, where reindeer roam freely in their natural habitats. 

Sheepskin Hide Rugs

The sheepskin hides we use for our rugs are taken from the flocks that roam the Isle of Skye, and the highlands of Scotland. Our beautifully soft sheepskins vary slightly in size and shape, making each unique. The wool is carefully brushed out and treated so it is hardwearing, and will last for many years without wearing out or losing its softness. 

A sheepskin hide will add a touch of luxury and cosiness as a rug on your bedroom floor or a chair in your living room. They are easy to maintain and will blend in well with any choice of décor. Our sheepskins are available in white, dark brown, or brown-tipped.

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