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Handmade Celtic Leather Bracelets for Men and Women

Our made to order leather armbands come in a range of beautiful colours. These cuff-style leather handmade bracelets have been crafted from Italian full grain leather, in our workshop on the Isle of Skye. Each leather bracelet or armband look simple and stylish for both men and women and have a versatile and timeless look.
Each bracelet is custom fitted to you. Simply send your wrist measurement in centimetres with your order, to receive a leather bracelet that fits you perfectly. Choose from a nickel or brass fitting that snap open and shut.
The Celtic badge bracelets are available in black or brown, with a choice of intricate Celtic designs. These will last a long time, as they are handmade from the best quality materials from Scotland. The leather is super soft, so will feel comfortable on your wrist, whatever you do.
Our plaited leather armbands come in a choice of seven attractive colours. They have a simple appearance and make a great accessory for men’s and women’s style. If you want a colour you can't see in our list, let us know, and we’ll be happy to make it for you. 

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