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Scottish Handmade Leather Sporrans & Kilt Belts

Sporrans & Kiltware

Sporrans & Kilt Belts 
Sporran is the Gaelic word for ‘Purse’. Traditionally worn at the front of a Scottish kilt, a sporran acts as a handy pouch to put your keys, money or phone. Whether you are looking for a plain and simple look for your kilt, or a traditional finishing touch with furs and tassels, we hand-craft made-to-order leather sporrans from the softest leather that can be found. Handmade by real Scotsmen in Scotland, Isle of Skye leather sporrans are one of the most authentic you’ll find. Each one is made to last many years, thanks to the time and care taken in the creation process. 


Why not be a trend-setter and wear your traditional Scottish sporran as an accessory with your favourite jeans or trousers? 

Kilt Belts

A belt is an essential kilt accessory that will complete your look, whether you are attending a wedding, special event, or just casually. Our artisan kilt belts are made with an intricate Celtic knot design, dyed in contrasting colours, including yellow, green and black. Made from soft leather, this stylish belt will look great with any of our sporrans. Crafted from full grain veg-tan Italian leather, it will last for many years. 

Kilt Buckles


These rustic pewter buckles are made especially to be worn with a kilt. Proudly displaying traditional Celtic knot designs and Scottish symbols, these hand-cast kilt buckles are a statement of national pride and timeless style. 

Sgian Dubhs

Pronounced ‘skee-an doo’, these small decorative blades are placed in the top of a Scotsman’s sock. The Sgian Dubh is a single-edged blade that is known to have been used during game-hunting trips hundreds of years ago in the Highlands. Traditionally, only the handle should show. Our range of traditional Sgian Dubhs are forged on the Isle of Skye.  They come with a blunt blade for safety but can be easily sharpened. The soft leather sheath is hand-made in our workshop and can be personalised with the initials or design of your choice. 

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